Oblivion: A Sci-Fi Masterpiece That Deserves More Attention

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Oblivion is a 2013 sci-fi film that explores themes of memory, identity, and humanity in a post-apocalyptic world. The film was directed by Joseph Kosinski, who also co-wrote the story with Arvid Nelson and illustrated it as a graphic novel. The film stars Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, a drone repairman who works on a ravaged Earth after an alien invasion. He discovers that his reality is not what it seems and that he has a connection to a mysterious woman who crash-lands on the planet.

Joseph Kosinski By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10995412

The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences when it was released, but I believe it deserves more recognition and appreciation for its originality, visuals, and soundtrack. Here are some reasons why Oblivion is a sci-fi masterpiece that you should watch or rewatch.

  1. It has an intriguing plot that keeps you guessing.

Oblivion is not your typical sci-fi action film that relies on explosions and chases to entertain you. It has a complex and layered plot that unfolds gradually and reveals surprising twists and turns along the way. The film challenges you to question what you see and hear, as Jack Harper does throughout his journey. You never know who to trust or what to believe, as the film constantly subverts your expectations and makes you rethink everything you know.

  1. It has stunning visuals that create an immersive world.

Oblivion is one of the most visually stunning films I have ever seen. The film was shot mostly on location in Iceland, using natural landscapes and minimal CGI to create a realistic and breathtaking depiction of Earth after a cataclysmic war. The contrast between the barren wasteland below and the sleek futuristic sky above is striking and captivating. The film also features some impressive set pieces, such as the Tet (a massive triangular space station), the Bubbleship (a sleek flying vehicle), and the Scavs (the mysterious alien invaders).

  1. It has an amazing soundtrack that enhances the mood.

Oblivion has one of the best soundtracks of any sci-fi film I have ever heard. The music was composed by M83, a French electronic band known for their dreamy and atmospheric soundscapes. The soundtrack perfectly complements the tone and style of the film, creating a sense of wonder, mystery, tension, and emotion throughout. The soundtrack also features some memorable songs, such as “StarWaves”, “Oblivion”, and “Waking Up”.

  1. It has great performances from its cast.

Oblivion has a talented cast that delivers great performances in their roles. Tom Cruise gives one of his best performances as Jack Harper, showing his range as an actor who can handle both action scenes and emotional moments with ease. Morgan Freeman adds gravitas and charisma as Malcolm Beech, the leader of a resistance group who challenges Jack’s worldview. Olga Kurylenko brings beauty and warmth as Julia Rusakova, the woman who holds the key to Jack’s past. Andrea Riseborough plays Victoria Olsen, Jack’s partner and lover who follows orders without question. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Melissa Leo have smaller but important roles as Sykes, a resistance fighter who helps Jack, and Sally, Jack’s mission controller who hides a dark secret.

  1. It pays homage to classic sci-fi films while being original.

Oblivion is clearly influenced by many classic sci-fi films, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, The Matrix, Moon, and Wall-E. The film borrows elements from these films, such as artificial intelligence, clones, dystopia, and existentialism. However, the film does not copy or imitate these films; it uses them as inspiration to create its own unique story and vision. The film also adds some fresh ideas to the genre, such as using drones as weapons of mass destruction, having two versions of Earth (one real and one virtual), and having an alien invasion that happened off-screen.

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  1. It explores deep philosophical questions about life.

Oblivion is not just a sci-fi spectacle; it is also a thoughtful meditation on life and what it means to be human. The film raises questions such as: What is reality? What are memories? What makes us who we are? How do we define our identity? How do we find our purpose? How do we choose between duty and love? How do we cope with loss? How do we fight

for our freedom? The film does not provide easy answers to these questions; it invites you to think and reflect on them yourself.

  1. It has a satisfying ending that wraps up the story.

Oblivion has a satisfying ending that wraps up the story and gives closure to the characters. The ending reveals the true nature of the Tet, the origin of Jack and Julia, and the fate of Earth and humanity. The ending also shows how Jack’s actions have changed the course of history and how he has fulfilled his destiny. The ending is both emotional and hopeful, as it shows how love can transcend time and space.

  1. It is a passion project of its director.

Oblivion is a passion project of its director, Joseph Kosinski, who had been developing it for years before it was made into a film. Kosinski first conceived the idea for Oblivion in 2005, when he was working as an architect and visual effects artist. He wrote a short story based on his idea and pitched it to Radical Studios, a comic book publisher, who agreed to publish it as a graphic novel. However, the graphic novel was never completed or released; instead, it served as a pitch document to attract studios and actors to make it into a film. Kosinski also created a proof-of-concept trailer for Oblivion in 2009, using his own money and resources. He showed it to Tom Cruise, who was impressed by his vision and agreed to star in the film. Kosinski then partnered with Universal Pictures to produce and direct Oblivion, which became his second feature film after Tron: Legacy (2010).

  1. It is an original sci-fi film that stands out from the crowd.

Oblivion is an original sci-fi film that stands out from the crowd of remakes, sequels, prequels, adaptations, and franchises that dominate Hollywood today. The film is based on an original story by Kosinski, not on an existing book, comic, game, or TV show. The film also has its own distinctive style and aesthetic, not relying on clichés or tropes of other sci-fi films. The film is a rare example of a sci-fi film that is both creative and ambitious, offering something new and different to the genre.

In conclusion:

Oblivion is a sci-fi masterpiece that deserves more attention for its plot, visuals, soundtrack, performances, themes, ending, directorial vision, and originality. The film is a captivating and thought-provoking journey that will keep you engaged and entertained from start to finish. If you are looking for a sci-fi film that will challenge your mind and touch your heart, Oblivion is the film for you. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves sci-fi or cinema in general. You will not regret watching it.

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