Bascom Jones

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Bascom Jones?

Despite spending a disproportionate amount of time researching, I wasn’t able to find any information about Bascom Jones online. Many authors used pseudonyms when publishing Science Fiction on the ’50s and beyond. If you know any information about him, please let me know!

Assassin by Bascom Jones

This is a story that’s a long, long time before its time. It’s visionary science fiction for sure and provides a rattling good yarn with a great twist at the end. I’m not sure how much of a threat the rise of AI was in 1953 when this story was written, which makes Bascom’s take on it all of the more remarkable and prescient. Assassin provided a fitting conclusion to this first volume of Incredible Science Fiction from the ’50s and Beyond. Here is a 5-minute sample from the Audible version of this story.

Assassin by Bascom Jones. 5 Minute Audio Sample

The full story is 25 minutes and 17 seconds long and is the last story in Incredible Science Fiction: Amazing Tales from the ’50s and Beyond Volume One:

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