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Edgar Rice Burroughs: A Princess of Mars

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Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edgar Rice Burroughs is a name that has become synonymous with adventure, science fiction, and fantasy. Born in 1875 in Chicago, Illinois, Burroughs began his career as a pencil sharpener wholesaler before finding success as a pulp fiction writer in the early 20th century. He is best known for creating the character of Tarzan, the jungle hero who swung through the pages of dozens of novels and short stories. But Burroughs’ legacy extends far beyond Tarzan, to a wide range of other characters and worlds that he created over the course of his long career.

One of Burroughs’ most enduring and influential works is A Princess of Mars, a novel first published in 1912. The story introduces John Carter, a Confederate veteran who finds himself transported to the planet Mars, where he becomes embroiled in a war between the planet’s inhabitants.

A Princess of Mars is an important work not only because of its influence on science fiction but also because of the ways in which it subverts traditional gender roles. Carter, the protagonist, is a strong, capable hero, but it is the titular princess, Dejah Thoris, who ultimately saves the day. Dejah Thoris is not only a strong and intelligent character but also a leader of her people, who is determined to protect her home and loved ones.

A Princess of Mars

The book is also important because it presents a vision of an extraterrestrial society that is not only technologically advanced but also morally complex. Burroughs’ Martians are not simply one-dimensional villains or heroes, but rather fully realized characters with their own motivations and desires.

Burroughs’ writing is fast-paced and action-packed, filled with thrilling battles, narrow escapes, and larger-than-life characters. His prose is colorful and evocative, transporting readers to a world that is both familiar and strange.

A Princess of Mars has inspired countless other science fiction stories, films, and books. The novel’s influence can be seen in the works of authors such as Ray Bradbury and Robert A. Heinlein, as well as in films such as Star Wars and Avatar.

Overall, A Princess of Mars is a classic of science fiction that continues to be read and loved by new generations of readers. It is a book that is both exciting and thought-provoking, and it remains an important work in the science fiction genre.

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