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Nokia: A Legacy Reborn Through Android

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The very mention of Nokia evokes a sense of nostalgia in the minds of many. Who doesn’t remember the days of playing ‘Snake’ on the iconic Nokia 3310 or the days of connecting with the world through the sophisticated Nokia N95? From humble beginnings as a paper production company to the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia’s journey has been as dynamic as the technology it embraced.

The Rise and Dominance of Nokia

Nokia’s transition into the mobile world set the stage for the Finnish company to dominate the industry by the late 1990s and early 2000s. Their robust feature phones were not just communication devices but became cultural icons. However, technology waits for no one, and Nokia’s dominance began to wane as smartphones emerged.

The Smartphone Revolution and Nokia’s Struggle

The introduction of the iPhone and the proliferation of Android smartphones marked a turning point. Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft, producing Windows Phone devices like the Lumia series, was a brave foray but failed to capture the market’s imagination as they hoped. The decline was palpable, and in 2013, Nokia’s Devices and Services division was sold to Microsoft, marking the end of an era.

A Fresh Start with Android

A company’s legacy is never solely about products; it’s also about innovation and resilience. Nokia proved this by making a significant comeback in 2016 when HMD Global, formed by former Nokia executives, acquired the rights to use the Nokia brand for phones and tablets. Suddenly, Nokia was back in the game, this time embracing Android.

The new Nokia-branded phones encompassed the very essence of Android – open, adaptable, and user-friendly. From budget-friendly models to more upscale devices, Nokia began to rebuild its reputation, focusing on a clean Android experience and regular updates.

Should You Consider a Nokia Android Phone?

This resurgence of Nokia brings a question to mind: Is a Nokia Android phone worth considering today? The answer might lie in the balance of legacy and modernity.

Nokia’s Android phones offer a near-stock Android experience, robust build quality, and devices across various price ranges. However, in a highly competitive market, certain models may not match competitors in aspects like camera quality and performance.


Nokia’s journey through the technological landscape is a testament to innovation, adaptability, and resilience. While the Nokia manufacturing smartphones today isn’t the same entity that once ruled the mobile world, the brand carries forward a legacy enriched with experience and values.

If you find alignment with Nokia’s emphasis on a clean Android interface, durability, and a variety of price options, a Nokia Android phone might just be the link between a glorious past and an innovative future. As always, personal needs, preferences, and a careful examination of available options will guide the best choice.

Nokia’s story reminds us that in the world of technology, it’s never too late to start anew. The brand that once connected millions continues to evolve, seeking to reconnect with a world that has changed, yet in many ways, remains the same.

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